Halepi Restaurant and Kebab House 18 Leinster Terrace London W2 3ET
Tel : 020 7262 1070
Fax : 020 7262 263
The Kazolides family have run this restaurant since 1966. Steve and Kostas Kazolides have been running the restaurnt
since 1984.This Restaurant is hailed by the Automobile Association of America Guide as the best Greek
restaurant in the world.Despite its reputation, the atmosphere is informal, with rows of brightly clothed tables,
and a large native Greek clientele. It is strategically located at 18 Leinster terrace London W2.

The atmosphere here is quite informal so you need not get all dressed up to go there.It is very colorful;
it has a unique set of table cloths that are very bright and colorful. The atmosphere while eating is very serene. There is always background music as you get down enjoying the sumptuous meals offered by the very friendly staff.

There are a variety of clients that visit the restaurant but the most common clients are the Greeks. The native Greeks just
love this place not only because of the great food but also because of the great service. Lunch can include
anything from fresh fish dishes to salt marsh lamb and finishing off with sweet tasting deserts. While you are there,
you must try the pyranian baby lamb that will only leave you licking your fingers.
You have a choice of selecting
among Italian, Greek and Dessert wines.

Besides the wine, you get to enjoy great music as you interact with people from various cultures.
It is normally frequented with different artist such as music and theatre artist.

You are free to bring your children along with you because the environment is conducive for children as well.
Since the background music is not too loud, you can have your meetings at this place as you enjoy the great food.

The menus for lunch and dinner are very affordable and they are all very healthy for those who want
to watch their weight.

We look forward to seeing you soon
The Management